How well do you know your nervous system?

Last Updated April 25th, 2019


Welcome to your How well do you know your nervous system?

The Human Nervous System comprises the?
Which is the largest region of the brain?
Which part of the brain mainly controls the speech skills?
Which of these is NOT a part of your brain?
The human brain weighs approximately?
The human brain is made up of?
A part of the brain serves as a relay station between body and cerebrum. This is called-
Human brain is basically divided into?
Which of these is a psychiatric disorder?
The percentage of the body's energy used up by the brain is?
What of the following does not form a part of the brain?
Which part of the brain is responsible for moving  the right side of your body?
Which part of the brain is responsible for language comprehension?
A damage to the right parietal lobe would not affect which performance of the brain?
The part of the brain stem which regulates your heartbeat?

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Welcome to your Anal sex

Over ____% of women between 20 and 49 years of age have indulged in anal sex.
Since you cannot contract STIs from anal sex, condoms can be skipped.
___% of people who indulge in anal sex without protection get pregnant.
Which lubricant can damage condoms?
You can jump right into full penetrative anal sex.
Which lubricant might cause damage to sex toys?
The anus is self-lubricating and so you do not need a lubricant for anal sex.
Which lubricant is not suitable for sex in a pool or bath tub or hot tub?
Can anal sex cause hemorrhoids?
Practicing anal sex over a long time can cause fecal incontinence

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