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Last Updated December 20th, 2021

Therapeutic Indications for IME9

IME9 is an Ayurveda drug to manage blood sugar levels in the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus. IME9 is the acronym for Insulin Management Expert. It is purely a herbal medicine made from a mix of herbs with curative properties.

Diabetes blood testThis medicine is high on antioxidants, known to assist in diabetes management by combating free radicals. Fulvic Acid & Anti-oxidants facilitate insulin production and help in lowering free-radical damage to Beta cells

IME9 can effectively

  • Regulate the glucose level
  • Help in the restoration of beta cells
  • Bring relief to diabetes-associated symptoms
  • Lower insulin resistance
  • Postprandial blood sugar
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Regulate thirst, hunger, and urination
  • Reduce diabetes-associated complications: Nephropathy, retinopathy, neuropathy

Do I need a prescription?

You can purchase IME9 over the counter from any store specializing in Ayurveda products. This medicine is easily available online on Amazon, Flipkart, Snap deal and


  • The best way to store IME9 is in a cool and dry place. Do not refrigerate or freeze this medication. It is very important to keep moisture away from IME9
  • Dosages will always differ between individuals depending upon the severity of the condition
  • The recommended dosage for IME9 is 1-2 capsules twice or thrice a day.
  • Take the capsule half an hour before food
  • Even if you find relief from the symptoms, do not stop the medication abruptly before the prescribed course is over. Sudden cessation of this medication can have deleterious effects. It can trigger infections as well as increase the risk of developing resistance to the drug. 

Facts on IME9

Diabetes sugarNearly 422 million worldwide suffer from diabetes. It has now acquired an epidemic status in India with nearly 62 million people grappling Diabetes, and the numbers are only rising.

  • Middle and low-income countries portray the rising incidence of diabetes. Statistics show that diabetes among adults over the age of 18 has grown from4.7% in 1980 to 8.5% in 2014.
  • Antioxidants can effectively stave off metabolic disorders, like diabetes.
  • Ayurveda has been using herbs in IME9 for thousands of years to control Diabetes. Therefore, many patients are tempted to explore Ayurvedic remedies for diabetes and its complications.
  • IME9 is touted as a revolutionary scientific breakthrough in Complementary Medicine and Alternative Healthcare. It has received the approval by The Department of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathy (AYUSH).
  • IME-9 was born after intense research by C.C.R.A.S. (Ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India). Double-bind human experiments on more than 800 patients led to enhanced confidence in this medicine
  • Experiments to evaluate the efficacy and safety of IME-9 showed a 96% reduction in blood glucose levels among recently diagnosed diabetic patients
  • A 2017 statistic has revealed the countries with the highest incidence of diabetes. The Marshall Islands portrayed the highest statistic of diabetic cases with 33 % of its population suffering from the condition. In the United States, 13% of adults have diabetes.
  • Some of the complications of diabetes include stroke, cardiovascular disease, kidney, nerve, eye and foot damage, hearing impairment, skin conditions, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Chemical Composition

IME9 consists of herbs with healing properties. The ingredients are herbs with the names -Mangifera indica( Amra)Momordica charantia(Karela), Gymnema Sylvestre (Gudmar) Syzygium cumini (Jamun)  and Asphaltum(Shilajit).

Mechanism of Action

ketoacidosis diabetesEach of the ingredients in IME9 has medicinal properties that aid the management of diabetes.

  • Mangifera indica( Amra) contains significant bioactive compounds such as Carotenoids, Mangiferin, Gallic acid, Tannins, and Triterpenoids. These compounds help in increasing the quantity of insulin released from beta cells.
  • Momordica charantia(Karela) naturally reduces levels of blood glucose. This is because it acts like insulin. Bitter gourd contains Polypeptide-Pthat triggers the production of insulin by beta cells of Pancreas.
  • Gymnemic-Acid and Gymnema Saponins in Gudmar (Gymnema Sylvestre) work to restrict glucose assimilation in the intestines. This herb helps in the recovery of islet cells and controls the sugar level
  • Jamun(Syzygium cumini) or Indian dark berry has anti-diabetic properties. It reduces the blood glucose level. Seed extracts of Syzygium cumini contain the valuable bioactive compound Mycaminose. This compound also regulates postprandial sugar (increase in sugar post meals) and keeps it in check
  • Shilajit(Asphaltum) boosts the retention power in the stomach. It also strengthens beta cells and intensifies insulin generation. This herb contains antioxidants and Fulvic acid that assists in reducing free radical damage to beta cells. Further, it also reduces the frequency of assimilation of glucose from the digestive tract.


IME9 can react adversely in the presence of certain health conditions. Certain medication or vitamins, supplements, and herbal formulations can also trigger interactions. Following is the precautionary advisory for IME9:

  • Pregnant women must avoid IME9
  • Lactating mothers carry the risk of passing the drug to the baby through breast milk. Weigh the benefits and risks with your medical specialist before continuing this drug
  • If you are already on other prescription allopathic drugs or alternative medicine, ascertain the safety of IME 9
  • Victims of Allergic conditions need to exercise caution with IME9
  • If you have undergone any surgeries in the recent past or an imminent surgery is in the offing, IME9 intake should be verified with the medical professional
  • IME9 can react adversely in the presence of vitamins and supplements.

Side Effects

Common side effects of IME 9 are as follows:

Dry skin: Most common reported side effect is skin dryness. The medicine makes the skin dry and flaky, which resumes to normalcy in a few months.

Itchy skin: Skin allergy is a common side effect with itching and sometimes noticeable patches on the skin. There could also be small wounds on the skin too.

Fatigue: Fatigue, tiredness, and sleepiness are another side effect, which patients experience when they start the IME 9 medicine.  In time this improves and patients report improvement.

In case side effects persist or become severe, you should seek immediate medical attention

What to do if you skip a dose?

In case you skip a dose, take it as soon as it crosses your mind. If it is too close to the next dose then just take the scheduled dose. Do not take two doses at one time to compensate for the skipped dosage.


An overdose of IME9 with the severity of side effects or symptoms needs immediate medical care.

Generic and brand names of IME9

Generic and brand name: IME9

Ayush Laboratories has developed the formula for the Ayurveda diabetic drug IME9. Kudos laboratories India is using this formula to manufacturer IME9.

Different manufacturing companies of IME9

IME9- Kudos laboratories India

Substitutes for IME9

  • BGR-34 is another Ayurvedic medicine to treat Diabetes Mellitus. Aimil Pharmaceuticals manufactures this medicine.
  • Herbal Sugar ControlCapsule also helps reduce symptoms of diabetes. This drug is manufactured by Zemaica Healthcare
  • Right Sugar Tablet manufactured by Chaturbhuj Pharmaceutical is also used to treat diabetes.
  • Diabozin, diabetes control capsules offer a substitute for IME9

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