Allopathy vs homeopathy vs ayurveda treatment for piles, fissures, and fistula

piles fissure fistula

Last Updated February 22nd, 2023


Not many people are aware that piles, fissures, and fistula are three different conditions. This is because they all share certain similar characteristics. However, there are few differences in the way these conditions present themselves and in the anal region affected. In case the blood vessels or veins in your rectum are swollen, the condition is known as piles (or hemorrhoids). If you have a sharp and painful cut in your anal lining, this is an indicator of fissures. In contrast, if you develop an abnormal canal in the area between your anus and the adjacent skin, this condition is called an anal fistula. 

There are various methods of treating anal piles, fissures, and fistula. They include surgical treatments and conservative alternatives such as diet and sitz baths. There has also been a growing trend among healthcare experts to use alternative medicine in the treatment of anal fissures, piles, and fistula. Towards this end, allopathy, homeopathy, and ayurveda treatments have gained prominence. Each of these alternative treatments has its fair share of benefits and limitations. However, allopathy is by far the best choice, because it uses laser surgery, which is less invasive than other treatment methods. This minimizes infection post-operation. Additionally, laser surgery promotes faster healing.

What are the symptoms of fistula?

Read the symptoms of fistula below:

  • Inflammation and pain in the anorectal region
  • Skin irritation and redness
  • Pus discharge
  • Rectal bleeding
  • You may experience pain while having a bowel movement or urinating
  • Tiredness and fever
  • Foul smelling discharge from the anal region

What are the symptoms of piles ?

piles fissure

If you have piles, you are likely to present with the following symptoms:

  • Your anus may be sore with red lumps
  • You will experience pain while having a bowel movement
  • Mucus discharge
  • Constipation
  • Bleeding

What are the symptoms of fissure?

  • Your stool is hard and it may also have blood spots
  • There is an evident tear around your anus
  • You feel intense pain each time you are having a bowel movement

What are the causes of anal fistula?

An anal fistula may be a result of the following:

  • An infection to the anal gland
  • Urinary tract Infection (UTI)
  • Rectal cancer
  • Anal intercourse
  • Passing hard or large stool
  • Childbirth
  • Constipation

What are the causes of anal piles?

Anal piles may be a result of:

  • Pregnancy
  • Lifting heavy weight on a regular basis
  • Straining while defecating
  • Consuming a diet low in fiber
  • Chronic constipation, or diarrhea

What are the causes of anal fissures?

If you have an anal fissure, it may be due to:

  • Chronic constipation
  • Childbirth
  • Passing hard or large stool
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Anal intercourse

Allopathy vs homeopathy vs Ayurveda treatment for piles, fissures, and fistula

piles fissures fistula


Allopathic medicine is a healthcare practice that involves the use of surgery, medication, radiation, and other procedures and therapies to treat a condition. The term “allopathic” is coined from two Greek words “allos” and “pathos”. When translated in English, the two terms mean “opposite” and “to suffer”, in that order. In other words, allopathy is a medical procedure that entails treating a symptom of a medical condition, using a procedure that counteracts its symptoms. Allopathy drug therapy is focused on the symptoms of a medical condition, as opposed to its causes. Remedies are varied and might involve surgery, prescription drugs, and over-the-counter medicine.  


The focus of homeopathy is on the root causes of health conditions. The medication involves a blend of natural substances, albeit in minimal quantities. There are no side effects associated with homeopathy. Homeopathic medicine ascribes to the idea that a lower dose tends to be more effective in comparison with a heavier one. Nonetheless, homeopathic medicine is yet to be regarded as mainstream medicine. 


This is a traditional medicinal practice with its roots in India and has gained global acceptance. Ayurvedic treatment is holistic. In other words, it seeks to attain a balance of the body, mind, and spirit, as a means of easing the signs and symptoms of a particular illness. Ayurveda is anchored in the overarching principle that there exist three body types (or doshas). These are: vata, kapha, and pitta (fire). Each of these body types relates to a particular element. In this case, vata relates to air, kapha relates to water, and pitta relates to fire.

Treatment of piles, fistula, and fissure with ayurveda

Based on Ayurvedic beliefs, a person’s dominant dosha will dictate the kind of hemorrhoids one might be suffering from. Individuals who are of pitta type, suffer from bleeding and inflamed hemorrhoids. Moreover, such hemorrhoids may be red and soft. They may also experience other symptoms such as diarrhea or fever. Individuals who are of kapha type, experience digestion problems. Hemorrhoids are soft, slippery, and large in individuals of kapha constitution.

Individuals in whom the vata is prominent suffer from constipation and severe pain. The hemorrhoids have a hard and rough texture

Ayurveda treatment for piles involves the use of herbal remedies. Additionally, there will be lifestyle modifications, such as changes in diet and relaxation techniques like yoga.  The treatment plan may also encompass minimally invasive procedures. It is important that you undergo an in-depth health evaluation by your ayurvedic practitioner before treatment commences. This will aid in proper diagnosis and the adoption of an effective treatment plan.

Kshar sutra

In case of minor hemorrhoids, medication will suffice. The kind of medication that you receive will be consistent with your dosha. An alkaline, caustic paste called kshar may also be administered to manage your piles. Your ayurveda practitioner will apply this herbal remedy via a slit proctoscope. This is a device specially made for this purpose. Your Ayurvedic practitioner may also prescribe certain medications that will assist in attaining body balance and hence promote healing.

It may also be necessary that you undergo surgery. The therapy is known as kshar sutra. It involves tying hemorrhoids using a special thread. The procedure shrinks hemorrhoids by cutting off the blood supply. Again, your dosha will feature prominently in this procedure. The procedure is minimally invasive. However, there is a risk of infection especially for patients who are on blood-thinning medication, or those that have a bleeding disorder.

Treatment of piles, fistula, and fissure with homeopathy

Homeopathy treatment of anal fissures

Homeopathy can holistically treat both acute and chronic anal fissures. The treatment helps alleviate the symptoms, and it also improves digestion. Moreover, the treatment has no side effects, recurrence is negligible. Some of the widely applied homeopathic remedies in the treatment of anal fissure include nitric acid, graphites, and paeonia.

Homeopathic treatment of anal piles

The following homeopathic remedies help in the treatment of anal piles:

  • Hamamelis: The remedy is effective in the treatment of piles where the patient experiences discomfort and blood in stool
  • Nux vomica: This remedy helps in treating piles that are intolerant and aggressive especially during the cold season. The remedy is also equally effective in treating piles caused by lifestyle habits, such as smoking and eating spicy foods.
  • Ratanhia: This preparation finds use in the treatment of piles that cause severe pain while having a bowel movement accompanied by a burning sensation.

Homeopathic treatment of anal fistula

The purpose of the homeopathic remedy is to reduce infection. Additionally, it avoids the development of abscesses. It also promotes the growth of new tissue for the closing of the fistula. However, there is a need to stop the flow of fluid as a means of healing the fistula. Homeopathic remedies serve this purpose with no drugs or surgery involved. Once the flow has ceased, the pathway created by the fistula shrinks and dries naturally, which is an indication of healing.  Only a qualified homeopath should administer treatment for fistula.

Treatment of piles, fistula, and fissure with allopathy

fissure surgery

Anal piles

Daflon, a herbal supplement is best to treat piles. The medication not only causes the piles to shrink but also offers relief from pain caused by hemorrhoids. It also provides relief from inflammation due to the presence of flavonoids, as an active ingredient. The antioxidant properties in daflon promote blood flow. If you are taking this medication, you should stop smoking and alcohol.

Lactating mothers must not use the medication. Liquid paraffin taken at a rate of 20 ml before retiring to bed is also a useful remedy for piles as it reduces constipation by softening your stool. Your doctor may also recommend a lidocaine-hydrocortisone cream to ease the swelling, discomfort, and itching caused by piles.

Anal fistula

Surgery can treat anal fistula effectively. One such procedure is fistulotomy, which is an outpatient procedure. It involves the surgical opening of the fistula in such a manner as to promote healing of the wound from the inside out. Another new technique entails sealing the fistula’s inner opening with a special plug or glue that can be readily absorbed by your body, The latest technique in the treatment of anal fistula involves the use of laser surgery. This is a minimally invasive procedure that utilizes laser energy, thereby promoting the shrinking of the tissue and hence the closure of the fistula. In this case, your surgeon will pass a laser fiber through the rectum into the fistula.

Anal fissure

There are various ways to treat anal fissures. One such method involves administering laxatives to promote relaxation during bowel movements. This helps to soften the fecal matter and therefore remedies constipation. Your doctor may also prescribe painkillers in case you are experiencing severe pain while passing stool. You can purchase it over-the-counter.  Another remedy to treat the condition is glyceryl trinitrate (GTN). This is an ointment-based medication.

You should apply the ointment to your anal canal two times each day. Laser surgery helps in treating anal fissures. The procedure involves passing infrared radiation using a CO2 laser. The goal is to promote the flow of blood in the anal area where the fissure is located. This will, in turn, promote faster healing of the anal fissure.

Allopathy, homeopathy, and ayurveda treatment have gained immense popularity over the years in the treatment of anal fissure, piles, and fistula. The ayurvedic technique emphasizes dietary modification, massage, and herbal remedies for the treatment of anal fistula, fissure, and piles. Homeopathic remedies such as hamamelis, nux vomica, and others are helpful in treating anal piles, fissures, and fistula.

However, allopathy is by far the most effective treatment method. This is because it integrates the use of medication and surgery, among other treatment approaches. More importantly, it involves laser surgery which is a simple, fast, and highly effective means of treating piles, fissures, and fistula. It is also minimally invasive, resulting in no blood loss. This promotes faster healing. 

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