10 fantastic ways to make your fitness routine more fun!

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Last Updated December 20th, 2021

Are you too bored to exercise?

Raise your hand if you, too, have been a victim of “Gym Boredom”; a phenomenon characterized by you gradually losing interest in your workout routine as you find it increasing dull and repetitive.

You are not alone. A major proportion of fitness-seekers face this issue worldwide. Think about it. When you are running on a treadmill or doing Pilates, you can’t browse endlessly through social media or engage in a lively conversation.

Your racing mind remains largely unengaged and it’s your body that is stretching beyond its limits. For most exercising folks, especially the new ones, this is a huge paradigm shift. A change which most find too monotonous and humdrum to continue.

So what do they do?

They quit.


Because they found it too boring and tedious.

While the idea of relaxing in your pj’s and spending yet another hour glued to a screen sounds tempting, your body contends otherwise.

Having a regular exercising and fitness routine is more important now than ever. Our massively sedentary lifestyle and nutrition-less refined carbs filled diet choices have resulted in a rampant epidemic of chronic lifestyle diseases.

Not to forget, stress – an inherent entity of our modern lifestyle.

When you add all these factors together you get unhealthy weight gain, a strain on heart and blood vessels, excessive fatty deposition, and overall poor life quality marred by diseases.

And one of the best ways to counter this aspect of our everyday living is to indulge in some level of physical exercises to keep your metabolism and immunity in place.

Fitness facts that will blow your mind

benefits of exercising

  • Exercising actually makes you smarter. When you exercise, you tend to inhale more oxygen. This helps in the formation of new brain cells. It also initiates repairing damaged cells and improves cognition and memory.
  • It helps you control your weight  But did you know that exercising increases your muscle mass, which in turn results in higher fat-loss while sitting? Imagine melting your fats even when you are not exercising.
  • Always wanted the gift of eternal youth? Get up and start moving around. Studies have proved that regular exercising helps in the production of collagen that makes you visibly appear younger.
  • Additionally, exercising triggers a release of endorphins in your brain that keep you happy, focussed, and productive throughout the day. Goodbye stress and burn-out.
  • Remember how every night you struggle to fall asleep and wake up feeling under-rested? With a fixed fitness schedule bid sleep-deprivation a permanent adieu. Exercising makes you fall asleep sooner and better.

So how do you get started (so that you don’t get bored and stop)?

Given the amazing benefits of exercising, it would indeed be a shame if one were to stop this routine on the account of boredom. Today we bring to you some extremely helpful and effective techniques you can easily incorporate into your dull exercise routine to make it more exciting. Read below to discover few essential ways that will magically transform your fitness routine into a fun activity…

1. Pump up the RIGHT beats

right beats for exercise

It is fairly common to know that adding music makes your exercising routine more fun.

But in spite of lodging those headphones deep into your ear canals and blasting music away, a lot of people still get bored. Why?

That’s because many of them are not choosing the right kind of tracks for their workout.

Choose a playlist that effectively mimics your workout speed.

The tempo of the beats has a significant influence on how well you work out (without getting bored or irritated).

Try to find tracks which have the appropriate BPM (beats per minute) according to the physical activity you are doing.

Exercises related to speed and agility require a higher BPM (more than 120), while warm-ups or stretching can be easily done within 100 BPM. The bottom-line is to choose wisely, make a proper playlist, and start moving in rhythms.

2. Variety is the spice of exercise

Nobody likes eating the same meals every day or watching the same boring shows all the time. Everybody loves “mixing it up”, be it entertainment or hobbies.

So why should exercise be an exception?

Routine colonizes our brains with boredom.

To break free from this shackle design a fitness routine that provides enough space to mix 3-4 different genres of exercising. You can keep one day for Pilates and one day for yoga.

You can go running in the park over the weekends and indulge in Zumba twice a week. Add in some water aerobics, swimming, weights and you have your entire fortnight covered.

Such a pulsating routine will keep you interested and motivated in the longer run.

3. Two’s company

Man is a social animal.

He loves doing things in groups or in someone’s company.

We are essentially hard-wired to perform better when we have people around us. So why not incorporate this idea into your gymming routine.

Studies reveal that people were 5 times more likely to remain engaged in a fitness routine if their spouse/significant half were involved too.

But if you don’t find this setting possible or comfortable, you can always tag a friend along. A slight nudge of competitiveness and increased levels of collaborative efforts will ensure that you remain hooked to your exercising routine.

So next time you feel bored working out alone, just phone a friend.

4. Look beyond the horizon

variety in exercises

Bored of staring at the same old bunch of sweaty people stretching and lifting in the gym?

Why not go for a change in location?

Continuing with the idea of adding variety to your fitness program, you can always play around with “where” you end up exercising.

Take a break from the mundane indoors and go out and explore.

Take a hike in the woods, breathe some unpolluted fresh air, and get some exercising done under the sun.

Or, take your bicycle for a few rounds.

Do some push-ups in your garden or your balcony.

Sometimes TV helps too. Put on your favorite sitcom or movie and try running on your treadmill watching it. You will end up doing your exercise with a healthy dosage of distraction that will prevent you from getting stuck in a rut.

5. Don’t let randomness settle in

One of the best things about fitness is that you can actually gauge and measure it.

Be it through your weight and BMI or by your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Your pulse-rate, heart-beat, breathing rate – there are so many ways to keep a track of how fit and healthy your body is.

Make use of these numbers to stay motivated.

Keep a fitness journal and fill it regularly. What kind of exercise you are doing and what levels of improvement (however tiny they might be) do you observe in yourself. Not only will this help you remain focused and motivated, but also give you an idea how you can make your fitness regime more effective.

6. Set goals. But be realistic.

One of the reasons why people tend to get bored of exercising is that they don’t find themselves anywhere close to their fitness goals.

And that’s not unreasonable.

If you observe your persistent efforts bringing no considerable change, it is easy to feel dejected and fed-up. So, the best way to reverse this damaging trend would be to set goals which are realistic and achievable.

Instead of targeting losing 20 kg and getting nowhere close (such a major weight loss doesn’t happen overnight), try dividing it into bite-sized pieces.

You can still look forward to the same degree of weight loss but now you view it as losing 2-3 kg per month, which frankly speaking is more doable and practical. Once you find yourself regularly achieving these small targets, you will automatically be more motivated to return to the gym.

7. Celebrate your efforts

fitness tips

Remember how cheerleaders are such an important entity in every game?

Their spirit and enthusiasm are highly contagious.

Their main goal is to cheer on their team because it is scientifically proven that a healthy dose of motivation, support, and acknowledgment goes a long way in tuning our psychology at the right tempo.

Just like we are programmed to work out better next to a buddy, similarly, we are hard-wired to respond positively to “cheerleading”.

So why not have people around you who can provide you the same level of optimism and positivity with your fitness routine?

Sharing your fitness achievements with people who can encourage you will keep you happy and motivated for the longest time. And if this doesn’t work out, don’t feel shy about becoming your own cheerleader.

You can leave congratulatory notes to self and words of encouragement to forever be in the “winning zone” when it comes to fitness.

8. Cutting edge competition

Many of us are guilty of being competitive (sometimes, too competitive); be it vying for a promotion at work or out-performing our siblings.

Competitiveness is an inherent quality of many-a-species that has helped them survive and evolve. In human beings, competition, more often than not, tends to bring out the best from within us.

This primal survival instinct can be effectively used to add more power and thrill to your otherwise mundane workout modules.

There are numerous apps such as Fitocracy and GymBuddy that let you track your fitness achievements and compare it to others.

This nudges a lot of people to be guided by that raw challenging instinct and be more involved in their fitness routines.

9. Some necessary swaps required

The world of fitness and gymming is always coming up with new and innovative ways to keep people involved. Until a few decades ago the usual aerobic routine was the only thing people picked-up to stay in shape.

But today there is a plethora of ways you can incorporate physical fitness into your daily life. And if you are still following the age-old routine of exercise, you can always swap them with fresh and new entities to stay in the top of your game.

For example, you can swap the usual Mat Pilates to Reformer Pilates (a much-improved version of Pilates resembling a bed connected to a pulley) or you can go from Zumba to Barre or Ballet which include more strength training.

Kettlebells are gaining large popularity when compared to the conventional hand-weights, same goes for Power Yoga, Spinning, and Cardio Boot Camps.

10. Appreciate the value of exercising

It is easy to blame your cholesterol or heart condition on your grandparents. But more than genetics or environmental factors, it is our own unhealthy choice of lifestyle that is pulling us closer to the road to chronic diseases.

It is rightly said that sitting is the new smoking. Unlimited access to the internet and inherent laziness will keep you tied to your couch. The future of such a life is bleak. It is crucial to fully appreciate what miracles your body is capable of performing and how exercising is the only way to tap its full potential.

Your physical and mental are much more deeply entwined than you can imagine.No matter what destiny your DNA unfolds, regular exercising is bound to induce better health and happiness in your life.

Realization of this fact alone will go a long way in keeping to committed to your fitness goals. So stop procrastinating and start your fun-filled fitness program from today!



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