12 easy and instant steps to successful weight loss

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Last Updated December 20th, 2021

Want to lose weight without losing your mind?

The age-old dilemma of how to lose weight without foregoing your favorite treats haunts us all. Who amongst us doesn’t dream of a fit and lean body?

But unfortunately, owing to widespread dependency on fast food and a largely sedentary lifestyle is making this picture bleak.

You all might think that squeezing in a regular fitness routine amidst your busy schedule is a herculean task . It requires an inordinate amount of planning and efforts. And this subconsciously robs you of your motivation to gather the momentum and charge ahead in your journey of weight loss.

But you couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Losing weight is no mean feat.

But it doesn’t have to be such a demanding task. And it definitely doesn’t mean turning your life around.

All you need to do is bring small, consistent improvements in your lifestyle and fitness routine. These will not only help you steer clear from the pandemic of obesity but will also infuse your life with health, happiness, and longevity!

So, check out these 12 simple and instant steps how you can take charge of your body and spawn miraculous changes.

If you want to wow everybody with your magical transformation and ensure a disease-free lifestyle, these are the easiest steps towards your goal.

Cardio is NOT your enemy

How to cardio the right way?

cardio for weight loss

1. Firstly, don’t shun cardio from your fitness routine. It is the fastest way to get in shape as it burns more calories per hour than any other physical activity.

Cardio is the short form of cardiovascular exercises. It basically comprises of any exercise that increases your heartbeat and energizes your circulatory system.

In addition to getting a slimmer body, cardio routines ensure that your heart is in a healthy and disease-free state, charges up your metabolic processes, and improves the functioning of different hormones in your body.

2. Exercises such as kettlebells, the latest upcoming trend in fitness, can burn up to 20 calories every minute! Kettlebell exercises make use of a single and portable device for exercise and focus on overall functional strength.

It is not monotonous like running on the treadmill and helps you enhance your flexibility and core strength. Include such exercises on every alternative day along with other forms of weight-lifting to accelerate your weight loss.

3. It is imperative that you follow the right order of cardio and weights.Always perform cardio exercises first and then move on to the weights.

Also, instead of an elongated run over the treadmill, try having short bursts of high-intensity cardio workouts. The latter helps you burn more calories and it keep your energy levels high.

Eat smart, not less

Reboot your eating habits

diet for weight loss

4. When it comes to losing weight, the entire world will tell you that losing weight is all about simple arithmetic.

Burn more calories than you consume and this will help you become deficient in fat reserves and calories.

Now, most people interpret it as eating less, which becomes a point of major stress.

Losing weight shouldn’t be a stressful practice. Instead of eating lesser and gradually becoming more frustrated with your life, opt for healthier options of food.

You don’t have to compromise on the quantity and starve yourself to get thin and fit.All you need to do is incorporate healthy eating habits and you are good to go!

5. One of the most widely practiced nutrition practices for weight loss is increasing your water intake. Water can work wonder for your body.

For starters, it improves your digestion and nitro-boosts your metabolism. This will ensure that you accumulate lesser adipose cells in your body. Drinking water also increases your resting energy expenditure, which is nothing but how many calories you lose when your body is in the state of rest.

So instead of grabbing packaged and sugar-infused sodas or juices, opt for plain water.

6. When planning a meal around a weight-loss diet, make sure that you follow the red-green-orange rule.

According to this rule, you must have at least one serving of either a green, red, or orange-colored food in your every meal (naturally colored of course).

By doing this, you are basically including more vitamin and mineral-filled healthy fruits and veggies in your meal. These not only supply with essential nutrients but are also beneficial in ensuring a long-term permanent weight loss.

Fun with weight loss

Bring more variety in your routine

fun with weight loss

7. There are numerous ways in which you can make your exercise routine interesting and engaging, something that you look forward to instead of cursing every minute that leads up to it.

One of the most promising weight loss regimes, Zumba, is gaining widespread popularity for this particular reason.

An hour of Zumba is nothing but Latin-inspired high-intensity dance moves that literally keep you on your toes.

It will not only help you sculpt the dream swimsuit body but will also relieve you of your stress (blame it on the groovy music) and help build a stronger social circle too.

8. Another great way of losing weight while improving your overall balance and flexibility is Pilates.The inventor of this form of exercise, Joe Pilates, remarked that Pilates is not just for getting rid of your flabs. It’s an engaging form of art that involves the union of mind, body, and core muscles.

It will help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, align your spine (get rid of those pesky backaches too), and regulate your breathing. The essence of Pilates training is resistance. This form of exercise will increase your resting energy expenditure and speed-up your body’s metabolism . This means that you burn calories throughout the day.

9. Yoga, the amazing gift from the ancient rishis and yogis of India to the entire humanity, is the most promising holistic body transformation practice.

This practice will not only burn off your flabs and love handles but will also promise you a stress-free and peaceful life. Yoga believes in getting rid of excess fats and toxins through controlled breathing and fluid body movements while being constantly aware of your ambiance and surroundings.

Poses such as Surya Namaskar, Pawanmuktasana, Gomukasana and much more will rev-up your metabolic processes ensuring that you get rid of unwanted fats and bodily wastes.

Simple, subtle changes

Few neat tricks to lose weight fast

10. In addition to these remarkable and promising fitness routines, you can adopt numerous simple changes in your daily lifestyle that will push you further in your journey of weight loss.

For starters, try eating from smaller plates and use more of blue-colored crockery. The blue color is an appetite suppressant and will thus prevent you from over-binging on food.

Also, smaller plates will ensure smaller portions.

By controlling what you put in your body you can regulate your weight and fitness easily.

11. Another proven trick is to eat in front of a mirror.

The psychology behind this is that very few amongst us would want to witness ourselves hog on unhealthy foods such as cakes or pizza. Research has shown that when people ate a meal in front of a mirror, they found the food less appetizing which ultimately led them to consume lesser of it.

Scientists claim that observing themselves eat gives people an unbiased and objective view of their physical demeanor and eating habits.

This negative co-relation could help tons of individuals get a clearer idea of what they eat and how much they eat. This will go a long way in the formation of healthy eating habits.

12. Nobody wants to waste a perfect weekend scrubbing their floors, but this just might be the thing that could add more calories burnt per week.

Doing your household chores such as dusting or vacuuming will also aid in weight loss. More so in case of those individuals who find it nearly impossible to set aside sufficient time for exercising.

Washing dishes, cooking , sweeping, mopping etc can burn as high as 150 calories per hour. There couldn’t be a better example of killing two birds with one stone.

By regularly performing active household chores, you are keeping your house clean, ensuring you eat healthy food, and burning those extra calories in the process without spending a single buck!



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