Juice Plus: Can you really replace actual fruits with pills?

Last Updated December 20th, 2021

What are Juice Plus supplements?

These supplements are produced from 40 different varieties of fruits, vegetables, and grains.  These supplements are intended to provide the required nutrients that are missed out in the daily diet and claim to bridge the gap of nutrition deficiency. The company claims them to be alternative nutrition for fruits and vegetables. The various supplement form includes capsules, chewable, shakes, as well as nutrition bars.

The products are produced from orchard blend fruits, garden blend vegetables, and vineyard blend berries.  Generally, 2 capsules per day are advised for adults and 1 capsule for children below 13 years.

The general process of producing these supplements includes extracting the juice from the fruits, vegetables, as well as berries and later converting them into powder form.  Attention is paid to avoid high temperature during the production of powder supplements. Generally, calories, sugar, and salt are removed during this process and only the important nutrients are retained.

Orchard blend products are produced with the help of apples, papaya, orange, pineapple, peach, as well as acerola berries.  Garden blend products contain cabbage, broccoli, barley, oats, parsley, beets, tomato, as well as spinach. Vineyard blend products contain grape, pomegranate, blackberry, cocoa, cranberry, Concord, as well as black currant.  Additional nutrients, fibers, as well as probiotics are added to these products to enrich the contents.

What are the benefits of Juice Plus?

There are several health benefits associated with them and few are discussed below.

Increase nutritional intake

Nutrition is very important for a healthy lifestyle.  We get the daily dose of nutrients from the food we eat.  It becomes quite difficult to intake the required amount of nutrients on a daily basis.  Due to this, there seems to be a gap which can lead to nutrition deficiency. Other factors to play an important role in causing nutrition deficiency such as malabsorption of certain nutrients.  Daily consumption of Juice Plus supplements provides the essential nutrients which are missed out. Malabsorption of certain nutrients is an issue, which can be addressed with the use of these supplements.  Since these supplements have a high concentration of important nutrients, it becomes easy to fulfill daily nutrition needs.

Promotes a healthy heart

A healthy heart can be achieved by optimizing dietary intake.  It is useless to consume a diet that is not helpful in providing the nutrition a body needs.  Adequate nutrition to the body helps to maintain the metabolism of the body and improve the overall functioning of all the organs including the heart.  Juice Plus supplements are helpful in the reduction of homocysteine. It is considered to be the biggest risk factor for heart disease. A reduction in homocysteine directly reduces the risk factors associated with heart disease.

Decreases inflammation

Some of the health problems related to inflammation include heart problems, diabetes, cancer, etc.  Symptoms such as chronic inflammation may lead to serious health problems. Studies have indicated that fruits and vegetables have a high concentration of antioxidants.  Antioxidants are helpful in the reduction of free radicals which are present in the body and due to the reduction of free radicals, there is a gradual decrease of oxidative stress and promote better immune function.  A healthy and active immune system is very essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Improves immune function

A healthy and active immune system can be achieved with the help of antioxidants.  As discussed earlier, fruits and vegetables have a high concentration of antioxidants.  Due to the effects of antioxidants, the functioning of the immune system is adequate. The antioxidants help in the production of healthy immune cells as well.   All these factors are helpful in promoting a better immune function.

Promotes healthy skin and healthy gums

Unhealthy diet may affect the health of the gums and cause increased levels of bacteria.  This may be caused by the consumption of sugary beverages. Similarly, bacteria present in acne may cause scars on the skin.  This may reduce the overall appearance of the skin. Juice Plus supplements are known to contain nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B complex, as well as zinc.  These nutrients are helpful in maintaining the hydration of the skin as well as eliminating the harmful bacteria. These factors greatly influence the appearance of the skin as well as reduce the occurrence of oral problems such as gingivitis.  

Are there any side-effects?

It is quite common to experience side effects associated with any supplement and Juice Plus supplements are also known to have some side effects associated with them.  Some of the important side effects are discussed below.

May cause nausea:  Nausea is defined as the feeling of vomiting and uneasiness in the stomach.  One of the causes of nausea is related to magnesium as well as iron to some extent.  Juice Plus supplements are known to contain these nutrients such as magnesium and iron.  Studies have indicated that increasing levels of magnesium may lead to a feeling of vomiting.  Another study indicates that people consuming supplements containing iron may experience nausea or feeling of vomiting.

Causes diarrhea:  Diarrhea may be caused due to various factors including increased consumption of soluble fibers.  Juice Plus supplements are known to contain vegetables and fruits as well as several nutrients. Fruits and vegetables are known to contain fibers which help in the digestion process.  A regular intake of Juice Plus supplements increases the fiber content in the colon and may cause regular bowel movements. Juice Plus supplements also contain magnesium in it. A regular intake increases the levels of magnesium and this may also cause diarrhea.

May cause stomach upset:  Stomach upset is one of the common side effects associated with any supplement and Juice Plus supplements are also known to cause stomach upset.  The magnesium present in the Juice Plus supplement is known to be the main culprit that causes stomach upset. Another reason could be related because of the increased level of vitamin C.  Both of these factors are known to cause stomach upset.

May cause delayed muscle recovery:  There is a lot of wear and tear of the muscles during the period of physical exercise.  Due to regular contraction and extension of muscles during exercise, there is a high chance of muscle tear that can be caused.  The muscle tear is generally recovered after the exercise regimen. Studies have indicated that vitamin C is one nutrient which delays this process of recovery of muscles and Juice Plus supplements are known to contain a high concentration of vitamin C.

Juice Plus products

Juice Plus products are divided into 3 main categories namely Complete, Chewables, and Capsules.

Juice Plus Complete products include:

    • Variety nutrition bars.
    • Dark chocolate and fig nutrition bars.
    • Tart cherry and honey nutrition bars.
    • Complete variety drink mix.
    • Complete Dutch chocolate.
    • Complete French vanilla.
    • Single serve French vanilla.
    • Single Serve Variety Drink mix.
    • Single Serve Dutch chocolate.
  • Complete combo pack.

Chewables products include:

    • Fruits and vegetables blend chewables (adult).
    • Berry blend chewables.
    • Fruit, vegetable, and berry blend chewables.
    • Fruits and vegetables blend chewables (child).
    • Fruits and vegetables blend chewables:  Pocket pack.
    • Berry blend chewables:  Pocket pack.
  • Berry blend chewables (child).

Capsule products include:

    • Fruit and vegetables blend capsules.
    • Fruit, vegetables, and berry blend capsules.
    • Berry blend capsules.
  • Omega blend capsules.

The bottom line is that these supplements provide the necessary nutrients when consumed appropriately and it is better to consult a medical professional before starting any supplement.



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