Ezekiel Bread: How to make the “world’s healthiest bread” in your own kitchen

Last Updated December 20th, 2021

What Is Ezekial Bread?

You may have heard of white bread, brown bread, but Ezekial bread may seem strange. This bread is adorned as the healthiest bread. It is prepared from germinating or sprouting legumes and a variety of whole grains. It is categorized as sprouting bread and is much richer in nutrients when compared to other bread. It is exceptional than other bread for varied reasons.

How did it get its name?

The original recipe of Ezekial bread was based on a verse in the bible which says, “Take wheat and barley, beans and lentils, millet and spelt; put them in a storage jar and use them to make bread for yourself”. The existence of this bread came to light during the biblical times. It was prepared as an alternative for people to survive famine.

The sprouting process that takes place in the making of it gives it unique properties. It contains all the nine amino acids which are typically found in animal products. Since it contains a wide range of nutrients and high content of fiber it may be appropriate for diabetic and low carbohydrate diets.

How Is It Different From Other Breads?

  • Unlike other bread, Ezekial bread doesn’t contain sugar. It is purely made from organic, sprouted whole grains. The sprouting process is responsible for changing the nutrient composition.
  • When compared to other bread, Ezekial bread contains various types of grains and legumes rather than refined wheat or pulverized (reduced to fine particles) whole wheat. The grains and legumes present in Ezekial bread include four types of cereal grains, such as wheat, millet, barley, and spelt. And two types of legumes, such as soybeans and lentils.
  • The grains and legumes used to prepare this bread are organically grown and allowed to sprout right before they are processed.

Why Are The Grains Sprouted?

Though grains like wheat and corn appear to be simple, they contain complex molecular machinery. A whole lot of nutrients are involved during sprouting. The proteins and enzymes collaborate to turn a tiny seed into a plant. During this venture, the grains receive the appropriate signs and a complex biological process gets started.

The seed begins to germinate and it breaks its cover. The sprouted seed exists between the phase of becoming a plant and a seed. These seeds contain all the essential nutrients that enhance their growth. Therefore sprouting seeds are used in Ezekial bread processing in order to receive the essential nutrients from them.

What Makes Ezekial Bread The Healthiest?

  • They are made from whole grains and legumes. These contain beneficial nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
  • They contain more vital nutrients when compared to other bread due to the sprouting process. Research has proved that the sprouting process increases the lysine content in the grains. Lysine is one of the amino acids that are present in many plants in lower amounts. The levels of lysine can be increased through sprouting. This in return helps to increase the nutritional value of the grains and seeds.
  • The quality of protein is improved due to the combination of grains (wheat, millet, barley, and spelt) and legumes (soybeans and lentils).
  • Since it contains sprouted grains and legumes, it may contain significant amounts of soluble fiber, folate, vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene.
  • It contains lesser carbohydrates when compared to other bread. The sprouting process encourages the breaking down of starch which is effectively used by the seed during sprouting. As a result, there are fewer carbohydrates present in sprouted grains.
  • Sprouting seeds present in Ezekial bread contain lesser amounts of phytic acid. Phytic acid binds minerals such as zinc, calcium, magnesium, and iron, and prevents them from being absorbed.
  • Seeds contain enzyme inhibitors. The process of sprouting inactivates the enzyme inhibitors. By doing so, the sprouting seeds provide all the essential nutrients.
  • It contains a lower amount of gluten.

Health Benefits Of Ezekial Bread

  • Contains higher nutritional value: Ezekial bread contains sprouted grains and legumes which are termed beneficial for health. Since they are made with sprouted grains they contain a broader range of nutrients when compared to bread that is prepared with whole wheat. The combination of sprouted grains and legumes makes it a hub for all nine essential amino acids.
  • Aids in weight loss: As mentioned earlier the sprouting process breaks down starch and makes Ezekial bread a weight loss friendly bread. Ezekial bread contains lower carbs and is high in fiber content. Thus they have a lower glycemic index when compared to sourdough or white bread. Substituting Ezekial bread in your dietary plan for other types of bread can help you lose weight.

Regulates blood sugar levels: It has a lower glycemic index and is a good choice for people with diabetes or high blood sugar. Since sprouted grains absorb water during the sprouting process, they contain lower levels of calories than whole grain bread. It prevents the sudden spike of blood sugar and regulates it.

  • Lowers the presence of antinutrients: The sprouting seeds used in Ezekial bread eventually eradicate antinutrients during the sprouting process and gain certain nutrients. It increases the presence of amino acids and provides higher amounts of antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene.
  • Easier to digest: Since Ezekial bread contains lower levels of starch it is easier to digest when compared to other types of bread. It contains higher levels of enzymes that make them easier to digest. However, care should be taken not to cook it in high temperatures. The high-heat temperature causes the bread to lose the enzymes. Therefore, Ezekial bread should be cooked at lower temperatures in order to keep enzymes intact.
  • Contains lower levels of gluten: Some people tend to develop intolerance towards gluten and are forced to quit eating certain gluten loaded foods. On the other hand, Ezekial bread contains lower levels of gluten because sprouted grains tend to show decreased gluten content. As a precautionary note, if you are suffering from a true gluten allergy then it is best to avoid consuming it and instead opt for gluten-free bread.
  • Protects against chronic diseases: Ezekial bread contains higher levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants are chemical compounds that help protect your cells from damage by counteracting free radicals, harmful molecules that lead to oxidative stress. Oxidative stress has been associated with several chronic diseases, including diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. Adding it to your diet can help you develop immunity and protect the body against free radicals.
  • It is easy to consume and handle: Similar to other bread, Ezekial bread can be added as a normal eatable to your diet. It’s perfect for making toast and other sprouted grain recipes. This bread is available in some grocery stores and heavier when compared to other bread. They are freezer friendly. They are made freezer friendly in order to prevent molding and retain the bakery made taste.

How To Prepare Home-Made Ezekial Bread

Some people prefer to make their own sprouted bread just to ensure that it is free from any chemicals and it is baked fresh. Before you can proceed with the making it is essential to purchase unprocessed and untreated whole grains. These grains are available in health stores and it is available online too.

To kick start the baking of Ezekial bread, the purchased grains are allowed to sprout. You can sprout all the grains, but always make sure to start with the whole grain berries. Care should be taken not to have berries that have been milled, rolled, flaked or prepared in other ways. These methods of preparation prevent the grains from sprouting. Now getting to the preparation part, the process of making home-made Ezekial bread involves:

  • Soaking the grains: Soak the whole grains in a large bowl.
  • Draining the grains: The soaked grains are then drained with the help of a small holes strainer, sleeve cloth, or cheesecloth. This process is carried out in order to remove the water from the soaked grains.
  • Dehydrating the grains: Once the water is drained the grains began to sprout. The sprouted grains should be taken and dried. The grains can be dried by baking them at a low temperature in the over or by dehydrating them. The dried sprouted grains are then powdered into flour.
  • Making the dough: Add the grain flour to a blender and sprinkle some salt. Blend until the flour becomes into a ball. Place the mixture in an airtight Add yeast and knead the dough.
  • Baking the bread: The kneaded mixture is then transferred to a bowl and allowed to sit for some time. Preheat the oven to 350degrees. Coat a bread pan and press the dough in it. Bake for about 60 minutes. Your home-made Ezekial bread is ready.
  • Storing the bread: Since home-made Ezekial bread doesn’t contain any preservatives, it is necessary to freeze your bread within two to three days after preparing it.

Downsides to Ezekial Bread

Though it contains a wide range of benefits it isn’t compatible with all people. It is because it contains gluten. There are several contents in gluten that can cause havoc to the body, such as gliadins (a component of gluten), lectins (a class of proteins, chiefly of plant origin, which binds specifically to certain sugars and so cause agglutination of particular cell types), and wheat germ agglutinin (a lectin that protects wheat from insects, yeast and bacteria). These compounds can cause detrimental effects on health and portray negative effects on the digestive tract.

Gliadins: They are the major compounds that are present in the making of gluten. They are hard to digest and their amino acid structure is similar to that of the human organs. As a result, when the body develops antibodies to fight gliadins, the immune system causes an adverse effect on the tissues.

Lectin: Lectins are a vast form of protein that is present throughout the food supply. However, the excess consumption of it can lead to adverse effects. They can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and leaky gut.

Wheat germ agglutinin (WGA): It is a form of lectin which is responsible for causing several issues for people affected with celiac disease. Celiac disease is a serious autoimmune disorder that can occur in people where the ingestion of gluten leads to damage in the small intestine. The sprouting process performed in the making of Ezekial bread doesn’t eliminate lectin. The produced WGA goes unchecked during a gluten intolerance test and can lead to human tissue damage without any allergic or sensitivity reaction.

Ezekial Bread: The Hub Of Nutrition

The benefits of Ezekial bread are summed up to the fact that it is made with sprouted grains. Since it is sprouted and free from any preservatives or additives, it is considered as one of the healthiest bread. The process of fermenting and sprouting make this bread easily digestible and increase its beneficial nutritional content. However, a word of advice, people with celiac disease and intolerance to gluten should avoid taking the same as it contains gluten (considerably low when compared to other bread).



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