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Last Updated December 20th, 2021

What is streptolysin?

Streptolysin-O can be defined as a substance that is produced by group-A streptococcus bacteria. Whenever there is an invasion in our body by this class of bacteria a harmful substance called streptolysin-O is produced. Group A streptococcus bacteria cause contagious or communicable diseases.

Who can contract group A streptococcus bacterial infection?

The people with chronic diseases and immunosuppressed patients are most common to witness a situation where they can easily contract contagious diseases due to group A bacteria. This occurs mostly to the people having poor immunity. People suffering from Diabetes, Cancer, Renal failures are too susceptible to these bacteria. Even the consumption of steroid-like medicines can lead to easy contraction of diseases caused by this group A bacteria.

There are various diseases which are caused by Group A Streptococcus bacteria:

-Streptococcal pharyngitis (strep throat).
-scarlet fever.
– Rheumatic fever.
-Wound infections.
-Bone infections.
– Sinusitis.
– Pneumonia.
-Necrotizing fasciitis (sometimes termed a flesh-eating disease).
-Streptococcal toxic shock syndrome.
-Puerperal fever (fever after pregnant female delivers).
-Erysipelas (cellulitis of the skin, often the facial skin).

What anti-streptolysin-O?

Anti-streptolysin -O is defined as the antibody which is secreted against the harmful streptolysin-O.

What is an anti-streptolysin-O test?

Anti-streptolysin-O refers to the blood test which is used for measuring and testing the content of anti-streptolysin-O in the blood. Whenever there is any strep infection, antibodies are produced in the blood testing which can give a clear idea about the infection. This definitely helps in a better determination of the infectious problem. In many cases, the symptoms of a strep infection aren’t clear and if it goes untreated, it leads to life-threatening medical complications later in life.

Why did my doctor recommend me to take an anti-streptolysin-O test?

The signs and symptoms of GAS(Group A staphylococcus) bacterial infections:

Sore throat
– Enlarged lymph nodes in the throat
Enlarged tonsils
– Pus collection in tonsils
– Severe persisting headache
– Abdominal pain
– Rashes
– Rheumatic fever
– Dark urine
– Fluid accumulation(edema)

If you show any of these symptoms, your doctor might suggest you undergo an anti-streptolysin-O test.

When do I need an anti-streptolysin-O test?

If any of the formerly mentioned symptoms are witnessed, then it’s definitely important for you to go for a checkup.  Even if there are any changes regarding your skin like blistering and purulent lesion, etc, it is always recommended to go through the anti-streptolysin-O test. 

What are the preparations needed for the anti-streptolysin-O test?

– Refrain from eating or drinking anything before the test for 6 hours.

– The doctor might even suggest stopping certain medications before the test.

– This blood sample is then sent to the intended labs for the tests.

– The results are going to be informed to you by the doctor in a few days.

What is the procedure of the anti-streptolysin-O test?

For anti-streptolysin-O Test to be conducted the blood sample is collected by the following procedure:

– A tourniquet is wrapped around the upper arm to make the veins more prominent.

– A syringe or needle is used to draw blood by puncturing the vein.

– The blood is drawn into the tube of the syringe.

– The tourniquet is released.

– An antiseptic is applied to the spot of venipuncture to avoid any infection.

– The spot of injection of the syringe is dabbed by a cotton swab or a bandage is put to stop any further bleeding.

– The blood sample is then sent to the laboratory for the testing.

Is anti-streptolysin-O test painful?

There’s no pain associated with the collection of the blood sample. A person might feel a pin pricking sensation for a very brief moment after the test. The pain goes away within a few hours.

What are the risks of the anti-streptolysin-O Test?

There are no risks related to this test. The procedure of blood collection might have some risks associated with it:
– Some people feel light-headed and dizzy after the blood is drawn.
– It might cause Hematoma (blood accumulating under the skin causing a lump or bruise).
– There might be pain associated with too many punctures for finding a vein.

What is the price of the anti-streptolysin-O Test in India?

The price of the test in India ranges from Rs 350 – 1000. It can vary with various locations around the country.

When will I get my results?

You will get your anti-streptolysin-O Test results within 24 to 36 hours of the test itself.

How to understand my anti-streptolysin-O Test result? 

Results for adults:

The doctor might take 14 to 15 days to confirm your test results. If the result shows that your anti-streptolysin-O level is below 200, it’s completely normal. But if it above 200, it might lead to post-streptococcal diseases.

Results for kids:

In the case of kids below the age of 5, the ASO(Anti streptolysin -O) test results should be below 100.

Is the ASO test recommended during pregnancy?

If any fever is detected during pregnancy, then the ASO test is also done besides other tests since it helps in detecting if there is an infection present or even if there is any chance of any infection in the mother.

Is the ASO  test recommended for kids?

The test involves the collection of a blood sample by venipuncture. Thus, it is very safe for kids to undergo an ASO test.  The only risks associated with it are the risks related to venipuncture like blood loss, bruising, etc.


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