Health Conditions

High Blood Pressure

Overview of high blood pressure Stress, environmental pollution, physiological factors and numerous other triggers stimulate abnormal clinical conditions within the human body. Hypertension, clinically manifested as high blood pressure is …

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food poisoning symptoms

Food Poisoning

Overview of food poisoning Global mortality rates are exponentially increasing every year due to lack of minimum hygiene conditions in the low and middle-income countries. World Health Organization (WHO) has …

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fatty liver disease


Understanding hyperlipidemia It literally means abnormally high lipids in the bloodstream. Chemically speaking, lipids are long hydrocarbon chain molecules, which are responsible for several functions in living organisms.These include storing …

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Breast Cancer

Overview of breast cancer Malignancies of any form arise within the body due to abnormal cell growth in specific organs. In due course of time, they might lead to severe …

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Malaria mosquito


Overview of malaria The rise and spread of communicable diseases have posed a major threat to life and health. In the recent decade, the scenario has been very grave in …

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Overview of typhoid Pathogenic diseases are common in those parts of the world which are abundant in microbes. These regions, mainly the tropics and the sub-tropics are ideal for the …

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Cold and Flu

Overview of cold and flu On a regular basis, people are unaware of cold and flu infections that grow within the body. Due to their apparently benign nature, cold and …

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Overview of cancer Systemic diseases of different degrees are common in adults and children. In the benign stages, they can be treated and cured through minimum medical interventions. Some of …

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kidney stone formation

Kidney Stones

Overview of kidney stones The National Institute of Health reports that nearly 15% of India’s current population suffers from kidney stones.Improper diet and overdose of few medications can have far-reaching …

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healthy vs emphysema lungs


Emphysema – understanding the respiratory disease Emphysema is a type of COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. As the name suggests, it is caused by obstructions in the respiratory tract …

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