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What is balanitis? Infection or inflammation of the glans of the penis is called balanitis.  …

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Bacterial Pneumonia

What is bacterial pneumonia? It is an inflammation of the lungs, which is caused by …

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What is Atelectasis? It is the complete or partial collapse of a lung.  It is …

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Anaphylactic Shock

What is anaphylaxis? It is an allergic reaction that is severe and potentially life-threatening.  Anaphylactic …

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Pernicious anemia

Understanding Pernicious anemia Anemia is the decrease in the red blood cells in your body. …

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Wasp Sting

What are wasps? A wasp is a member of a group of insects in the …

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Sebaceous Cyst

What are sebaceous cysts? Sebaceous cysts are slightly hardened, fluid-filled bumps within the skin, which …

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What is pellagra? Pellagra is defined as a nutritional disorder which is caused by a …

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Deficiency & Developmental Disorders: A Complete Guide to Best Remedies

Nutritional Deficiency The cult of mass-produced processed food has now been identified as a major …

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Vital Organs & their diseases: A Complete Guide to Best Treatment and Remedies

Cardiovascular and circulatory Enlarged heart Symptoms Excessive thickening of cardiac muscles results in enlarged heart …

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