What is rhinoplasty?  Rhinoplasty or “nose job” is a surgical procedure that is usually carried …

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knee prosthesis

Revision Total Knee Replacement surgery

What is revision knee replacement?  A vast majority of people who undergo a total knee …

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Gynecomastia breast reduction surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery

What is breast reduction surgery?  Breast reduction surgery is a reconstructive surgery procedure that reduces …

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Osteoarthritis knee

Partial Knee Replacement

What is partial knee replacement?  Partial knee replacement is one of the knee replacement surgeries …

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apple cider vinegar weight loss

Gastric bypass Surgery

What is gastric bypass surgery?   Gastric bypass surgery is a weight loss procedure. During the …

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Fitness and Exercise

18 instant steps to make your jogging routine more powerful

What is Jogging? Jogging is a form of Aerobic Endurance training which includes running at …

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Easy steps on how to do the plank for the perfect abs

What is plank? Plank is one of the best exercises for strengthening your core. It …

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Health Conditions

Wound healing

Stages of wound healing

Overview Any cut or opening in the skin can be termed a wound. Wounds can …

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Pregnancy or PMS?

Pregnancy or PMS: The confusion

Overview Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a series of symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle. The …

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Parkinson's disease stages

Parkinson’s stages

Introduction Parkinson’s is a disease that affects the central nervous system of the body and …

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Menstrual headaches

Menstrual headaches

Introduction Migraine is a common headache disorder that affects mostly women and most of them …

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Head-injury headaches

Head-injury headaches

Introduction Headaches are one of the most common symptoms that are experienced by individuals who …

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Healthy living


Botox Treatment

What are Botox injections? Botox injections are shots administered by a certified cosmetic surgeon to …

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Blood Disorders cancer


What is immunotherapy?   Immunotherapy or biological therapy is a type of treatment that relies on …

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lymphoma chemotherapy


What is chemotherapy? Chemotherapy is a common treatment for cancer. Chemotherapy destroys cancer cells so …

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occupational hazard cancer

Hormone Therapy

What is hormone therapy? Hormone or hormone therapy is one method for treating cancer. It …

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Medical conditions yoga can help with

Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that traces its roots to over …

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An overview Ondansetron is the generic form of Zofran, which is an antiemetic drug.  Antiemetics are …

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What is Clenbuterol? Clenbuterol is an anabolic agent that can improve metabolism, boost muscle growth …

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maltodextrin diabetes


Therapeutic Indications for Voglibose Voglibose is used in the long-term treatment of patients with impaired …

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Osteoporosis pain


Therapeutic Indications for Signoflam Signoflam Tablet comes under the class of medicines called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory …

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Rantac 150

Indications Rantac is a drug that is popularly used to for treatment of stomach acidity, …

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Mental well-being

helping friend with depression

Support and care tips for helping people with depression

What depression can do to a person In truth, patients suffering from depression have often …

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Chronic fatigue syndrome

Why does the human body experience burnout and how to manage it?

Burnout- The Chronic Workplace Stress Burnout has become a global phenomenon today. A lot of …

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Sushi: health benefits and recipes

Overview Even though Sushi is the most famous Japanese dish around the world and one …

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Grass-fed meat

Facts about grass-fed meat

Overview The type of food an animal is fed can make a lot of difference …

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Sweeteners-good or bad?

Sweeteners – Are They Good or Bad for Our Health?

What are sweeteners? Sweeteners are sugar substitutes that are used to sweeten our foods and …

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The Shepherd's diet

Facts about the Shepherd’s diet

Introduction The world of diet is constantly changing with new concepts coming up at regular …

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What is Splenda? With obesity and diabetes assuming an epidemic-like proportion around the world, the …

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Postpartum body care

How to take care of a postpartum body

Overview The first six weeks after giving birth are termed as the post-partum period and …

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Happy smiling pregnant woman enjoying healthy pregnancy snacks

Best ideas for pregnancy snacks

Nutrition during pregnancy The variety of physical and hormonal changes that occur in the body …

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Pregnant women with high blood pressure

High blood pressure during pregnancy: Causes and remedies

High blood pressure during pregnancy High blood pressure among pregnant women is a common ailment …

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Pregnancy – Early signs and symptoms

Are you pregnant? It is usual to suspect pregnancy after a period is missed. However, …

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What is the right way to take a pregnancy test?

How does it work? A pregnancy test is undertaken to determine if you have conceived.  …

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Sexual health

Testosterone healthy

Testosterone: And you thought it was just brawns and sex drive

Why does the human body need testosterone? Testosterone is a hormone found in humans.  It …

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What is Contraception or Birth Control? Sexual intercourse serves multiple purposes including reduction of stress …

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Chemo brain

Chemo brain

Introduction Chemo brain is the term that is used to describe the mental disarray that …

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woman with abdominal pain holding ovulation calendar

Ovulation – facts to know about ovulation

What is ovulation? Ovulation is a process when eggs are released from a woman’s ovaries …

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Chondroitin spine health

9 amazing ways chondroitin can help you bounce back to health

What is Chondroitin? Chondroitin (Chondroitin sulfate) is a complex sugar that is normally found in …

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weight loss pills

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric band

What is a laparoscopic adjustable gastric band?  A laparoscopic adjustable gastric band (LAGB) is a …

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belly fat liposuction


What is liposuction? Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure usually administered on individuals with stable …

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Male Pattern baldness causes

Hair Transplant

What is a hair transplant?  A hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery that treats hair …

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What is a facelift? A facelift or rhytidectomy is a cosmetic surgical procedure that reduces …

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Cancer cells chemo

Targeted Drug Therapy

What is targeted drug therapy?  Targeted drug therapy is a type of cancer treatment that …

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50 common health conditions

What are the top 50 deadly and widespread diseases?

A complete list of the top 50 most common and deadly diseases that plague humanity. Which disease is responsible for the largest death toll? Find out here.

common mental disorders

Common mental health disorders :The silent stigma surrounding millions

More than 300 million sufferers and yet a silent and agonizing stigma; why are people still hush-hush about mental health disorders?

vital organ diseases

Common diseases that could cripple your vital organs

Brain, heart, kidney, lungs, and liver – these vital organs are indeed vital for your survival. However, these are not immune to life-threatening diseases


Weight Loss and Obesity

calorie counter weight loss

Guaranteed ways to lose weight fast and shed those extra pounds!

Weight Loss: Quick Facts Of the world’s population, nearly one-third is overweight. More than $60 …

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