TRX: Why is this total resistance workout the best choice for your body?

Last Updated December 20th, 2021

What is TRX?

If you are looking for a suitable alternative for training machines, then your search ends here.  TRX or total resistance exercise is a form of exercise where suspension belts are used to produce that extra resistance during an exercise regimen.  Invented by Randy Hetrick who was a former United States Navy SEAL, this resistance belt gives you the same resistance as a training machine.

Another advantage of TRX is that you can perform numerous exercises without visiting the gym.  Performing exercise with TRX makes even the simplest of exercises to a challenging one.  You just need a tight spot where you could anchor straps and that is it.  You can perform any type of upper body, lower body, and whole body exercises at the comfort of your home.  Unlike the training machines, these straps could fit in the smallest corner of your bag and you can carry it even when you are on a vacation.

What are the benefits?

Working with TRX is not limited to a particular group.  It fits in all levels, even if you are a professional or just a newbie.  It helps achieve the majority of fitness routines such as weight loss, muscle building, as well as muscle toning.  Some of the main benefits of TRX are discussed in detail.

Ideal for all

TRX suspension exercises seem to be ideal for every individual.  If you are a professional athlete or one who would want to start your fitness program for the first time, it suits everybody.  A change in the body position can increase or decrease the resistance of the band which is ideal for either a professional or a newbie.


These suspension bands are highly versatile.  Firstly, they hardly occupy any space in your bag which makes it easier for you to carry it anywhere.  Secondly, it can be incorporated in any type of fitness routine, which helps you achieve your goals at a faster rate.

Cardiovascular endurance

Since TRX bands help achieve various fitness goals, it not only builds and tones your muscles but actually can regulate the cardiovascular system.  It is ideal to manage the way your heart beats and lungs breathe during an exercise program.

Achieve goals faster

Since the TRX bands provide that extra resistance during an exercise routine, you are actually working on the muscles more effectively as compared to exercising without TRX bands.  This helps you achieve your fitness goals faster no matter you are preparing for a marathon or working towards weight loss.

Promotes whole body exercise

This is a feature which is helpful in toning and strengthening your muscles proportionately.  This helps reduce straining of a particular muscle group and helps in dividing the resistance, by working on more number of muscles.

Less stress on the joints

Since the exercise is performed with the help of suspension system, there is less strain caused on the joints.  This is highly beneficial in the long run since continuous strain on the joints can be detrimental and can lead to joint pain and degradation.

Best TRX exercises for the whole body

Push-Ups with TRX

This exercise is useful in working on the chest, shoulders, and arms.  Begin by lying face down on a flat surface, now hang both the legs with TRX bands and next rest the upper body on the palms.  Now gently exert pressure on your palms and lift the body up as much as possible.  Now come back down in the same position.  The effects of the exercise can be experienced instantaneously as your shoulders and chest work in tandem.

Chest press with TRX

This exercise strengthens the arms and the chest.  For this exercise, the bands will be hanging from a higher altitude.  Stand straight on a flat surface turning against the TRX band.  Now stretch the bands with your hands and lean forward without moving your legs.  Retain your hand position and return your body to its original position.  This provides strength to the hands as well as works on the chest muscles as you go down and come up.

Inverted row with TRX

Helps in strengthening the biceps and lateralis muscles.  Lie down on a flat surface with your knees bent and placing the feet on the floor.  Now reach a few inches above the ground and hold the bands.  Then, pull upwards by bending your elbows and lifting your body up.  Next, return your body position lower.  Both the biceps and back would work in tandem when the body is pulled up and going down.

Triceps press with TRX

As the name suggests, this is entirely targeted towards strengthening the triceps muscles.  Start the exercise by kneeling down on a flat surface.  Grab the bands placed with underhand grips.  Now pull the bands in front up to the shoulder level.  Next, bend your elbows and lower your body towards the floor.  You could instantaneously feel tightening of your triceps muscles.

Alligator with TRX

This exercise strengthens the shoulders, obliques, and the back simultaneously.  With the TRX band in the overhead position, pull the band and lean backward from a standing position.  This would make your body go into a diagonal position.  Now, pull your body up with the help of one hand and then come back.  Repeat the same thing with the other hand.  You can even try to rotate the body while going up and down.

Chest Fly with TRX

This exercise works with the chest and the arms muscles.  Start with facing against the anchor.  Now with the help of your hand pull the overhand bands in front of the shoulder.  With your hands in the same position, now lean forward so that your body goes into a diagonal position.  Now stretch the arms on sideways, which would stretch the chest muscles and the arm muscles at the same time.  Reverse your action to come back to the original position.

Biceps Curl with TRX

Face the anchors and stand on a flat surface with the feet apart at a comfortable position.  Now, hold the band with both hands and lean backward bringing your body to a diagonal position.  Now, bend your elbows pulling your body up, which would activate the biceps.  Return back to the diagonal position and repeat the same.

Clock Press with TRX

Highly recommended exercise for the total upper body exercise.  It strengthens the shoulder, biceps, back, and abs.  Lean forward by holding the bands with your hands.  This would put your body in a diagonal position with the lower body weight transferred to the toes.  Maintain the core in a straight line and bend the elbows.  Retain this position for the entire exercise.  Now, extend one arm on the side so that the elbow, wrist, and shoulder are in the same line.  Return the hand back and repeat the same with the other hand.  This extension of the arm on the sideways would put pressure on the shoulders, biceps, and the back.

Power Pull with TRX

This is a high-intensity workout for strengthening the shoulders, upper back, obliques, and the shoulders.  Hold the band with the left hand at chest height while keeping the feet wide apart.  Now, lean backward and rotate the body to the right.  Repeat the same procedure for the right hand.  This exercise would require some practice and hence try it under professional supervision.

Lunge with TRX

This is related to lower body exercise.  Lunges are quite common for a fitness enthusiast.  This can be made challenging with the use of TRX bands.  Stand on a flat surface with the feet apart at a comfortable position.  Now, place one foot in the band and take a lunge forward with the other foot.  This would extend the foot which is placed in the band.  Repeat the same with the other foot as well.

Squat with TRX

Strengthens the hamstrings, glutes, and abs.  A strong lower body requires working with squats.  This maneuver can be made challenging with the use of the TRX band.  Hold the band with both hands and stand a bit far from the anchors.  Next, dive down your hip to come to a squat position.  This would extend the arms that are holding the band which would increase the resistance on the abs, glutes, and the hamstrings simultaneously.

Hamstring Curl and Pull with TRX

Lie down on a flat surface facing the band.  Now place both the heels in the band and keep both your hands on the ground firmly placed.  Now pull your body towards the band without moving both your hands.  Similarly, you can do a curl by just lifting your hip above the ground by keeping your legs in a straight line.

Hamstring Curl and Pull using a single leg with TRX

This is quite similar to the previous exercise where you place both the legs in the band and keep the hands grounded firmly.  The only variation here is that you would be doing the pull and curve procedure, not with both the legs, but with a single leg at a time.  Performing the pull and curl individually makes it more challenging to perform the exercise as compared to performing with both legs.

Reverse mountain climber with TRX

This is a total body exercise targeting the hamstrings, flexor muscles, quadriceps, abs, as well as the triceps.  As we know that the regular mountain climber workout is difficult, performing this with TRX band would make it much more challenging.  Lie down on your back facing the band.  Now, place both of your heels in the band and with the help of your hands, pull your body up so that it forms a straight line with the feet.  Remaining in the same position, you need to bend one knee at a time whereas the other leg stays straight.  Repeat this procedure for the next leg as well.  Try to alternate both the legs without losing any time so as to maintain the intensity.

Glute bridge with TRX

Both your hamstrings and glutes muscles become much stronger with this exercise.  Lie down flat facing the band.  Now place both the heels in the band and keep the hands grounded.  Next, bring both the heels near your hip as much as possible so that the legs get into a 90 degree angle.  This should also make your hip go above the ground drastically.

Bottom line

Following the TRX training methods can increase lean muscles, improve functional strength, as well as the mobility and stability of the body.  Overall it seems to improve the endurance of a person.  However, there is also a concern arising from the stability of the band.  The bands may provide you that extra resistance, but at the cost of stability.  There is a high possibility that you may slip from the band and strain your muscles as well as cause back injuries.  A general overview of the TRX workout is that it can be useful for professional athletes who have a strong core but may not be beneficial for someone who has a weak core.



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