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Last Updated December 20th, 2021

Shoulder Exercises – The Best Way To Tone Up Your Upper body

The shoulders are the most frequently used part of our body. The shoulder joint is a ball that is located in a socket in our upper arm. This socket is smaller than the shoulder joint that makes it susceptible to injuries and strains.

We can move our shoulders flexibly due to the various ligaments and muscles that are attached to the joint. Our daily activities like lifting heavy weights, physical activity, and strenuous exercises make it vulnerable to stress and injuries. This is a reason why many athletes like boat rowers, tennis players, and heavyweight lifters frequently complain of shoulder pains and injuries.

The shoulder muscles are mainly of four types:

– The rotator cuff muscles.
– The front deltoids.
– The middle deltoids.
– The rear deltoids.

The rotator cuff muscles are attached to the shoulder joint and help in the proper movement of the shoulders. They are the primary muscles of the shoulder joint. These muscles are small in size and overuse of these muscles can cause pain and trauma to the shoulders.

While doing a workout, people should try to maintain a balance between all the muscles around the shoulders. A well-rounded exercise will take care of all the muscles in your shoulders and help to alleviate pain or strains in the muscles.

For beginners, if you are in pain or simply want to shape up your shoulders, try with a pre-workout routine. This will help your muscles to relax and get ready for a more rigorous exercise program.

How to choose a shoulder exercise trainer?

shoudler exercisesHiring a personal trainer is not a simple task. A good trainer should not only be qualified but should be able to understand your needs and your mindset. Your trainer should understand how much your body can endure and should be able to guide you properly to achieve your goals.

Our body types are different and so are our needs. If one workout is working wonders for your friend, it does not necessarily mean it will do the same for you.

Your workout regime depends on numerous factors such as:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Body type.
  • Fitness goals.
  • Body injuries if any

There are numerous physical trainers who are projecting themselves as experts in the market. The problem lies in deciding which trainer is suitable for my workout regime.

In this age of social media, we are often misled by the glitz and glamour that these ‘expert’ trainers use to promote themselves. These trainers are often not fully qualified to do their jobs. A simple certification does not necessarily qualify a person to be a good trainer.

The key is never to take risks with your own health and body. If you are not taking enough safety measures while doing shoulder exercises, they can be harmful to your body.

Another tendency is that we often tend to hire trainers who have worked with celebrities, have well-maintained social websites that advertise their expertise or have glossy pictures in magazines. This is one of the biggest myths to hire a good trainer. Just because a person has photographs in a popular magazine or has worked with a celebrity does not make him a good trainer. They can be good workout buddies or one who can inspire you, but often turn out to be horrible trainers.

So, here are a few tips that will help you to choose your trainer:

  • Choose a trainer who is reliable and has the willingness to communicate with you.
  • The trainer should be well-qualified and have a similar set of experiences.
  • Your trainer should be compatible with you and understand the emotional and physiological needs of your body.
  • exercise trainer He should be able to guide you in every aspect of your training program like lifestyle changes, diet, goals, medical history, etc.
  • The trainer should be able to enhance your mood, your well-being, and your mental health.
  • A good trainer should motivate you to achieve your goals and make your workout interesting.
  • Your physical instructor must know which exercise is best for your body and suits your physical framework.
  • Hire a trainer who is up-to-date with the latest training information. This makes your workout more enjoyable and exciting experience.

Shoulder Exercises Benefits

Who doesn’t love a well-sculpted pair of shoulders? A well-defined shoulder not only enhances your posture but also looks aesthetically appealing.

Shoulder exercises are very popular among men. It gives a broad and sturdier look and creates a balance in the overall body structure.
But women are not falling behind. It has been found that women especially young mothers who continuously have to lift their babies throughout the day are prone to shoulder pain.

Shoulder exercise can relieve the pain and make movement a lot easier. Apart from that, there is no denying the fact that a beautiful pair of shoulders can be the perfect accessory to wear that sleeveless cocktail dress. So, here are a few benefits of shoulder exercises:

– Shoulder strengthening exercises can be included in your daily routine. They will keep your shoulders healthy and make it easier to lift heavy weights and carry out your daily activities.

– They can reduce pain from any shoulder injury due to torn ligaments or injury to the rotator cuff. They can also strengthen weak shoulders.

– Shoulder exercises are a must for bodybuilders, models, and weightlifters who want to highlight their physique or want to shape up their body framework.

Types of Shoulder Exercises

For those who love working out at home or don’t have the time to visit a gym, here is the good news. There are plenty of shoulder exercises that you can easily try at home and won’t even cost you a penny.

Shoulder Exercises at Home

Shoulder exercises can be easily done at home and all you need is basic training, dumbbells, and resistance bands.

 Diving Dolphins

Physical trainers recommend that you should do shoulder exercises along with chest, back, and upper body exercises at least twice in a week. Start with a light exercise regime that can warm you up and do not exert your body. The Diving Dolphins is an easy exercise and involves the anterior deltoids. The exercise does not need any equipment.

The Dolphin exercise is a great way to strengthen your shoulders and upper back. During the exercise, your feet and arms will be in a static position.The first thing to learn in this exercise is the forearm plank. Once you learn to do this, you will be able to stretch your forearms and back muscles and pull your chest and heels to the floor.

To begin this exercise put your arms on the floor with your shoulders, feet, and hips wide apart. Keep your back straight. Now dive forward with a forearm plank. Now make a reverse dive and come to the start-up position.

The Dumbbell Lateral Raise

 The dumbbell lateral raise exercise is one of the easiest shoulder exercises and all you need is a pair of dumbbells. This exercise is good for your middle deltoid muscles. Stand on your feet in an upright position. Keep your feet and hip apart. Now hold the dumbbells on each hand and raise them so that they reach your shoulders. Now take a breath and then return the dumbbells to their original position.This is a good shoulder strengthening and stretching exercise and can be done anywhere and at any place.

The Reverse Fly Exercise

The reverse fly shoulder exercise is done to strengthen the posterior deltoid muscles. Stand on your feet. Keep your shoulders and hips wide apart. Now hold the dumbbells on your hands. Now bend down so that you are facing the floor. Keep your hands in a parallel position. Keep the position intact and stretch your arms into straight positions. This is an excellent exercise for your shoulders and back.

Military Press

The Military Press is an excellent exercise for your deltoid muscles and also works well for your triceps, pectoral, and trapezius muscles.Stand straight and keep your feet and hips wide apart. Now move your foot forward and hold the dumbbells on each hand. Bring up the dumbbells to the level of your shoulders and now extend your arms above the head. Keep your back straight. Now slowly return to normal position and repeat the exercise.

Shoulder Exercises for Men

Ever wondered how all those top models in the glossy magazines get their perfect v-shaped body? Well, they are not born with it. A lot of hard work, discipline, and a strict diet is the secret behind that perfectly sculpted body. Shoulder exercises and deltoid strengthening exercises are good for building a physique and also gives you a slim waist.
Shoulder exercises help to relieve pain and protect the body from further injuries. These exercises can be quite intensive and a proper workout regimen can help you build those muscles quite quickly compared to the other body parts.
Seated Dumbbell Press Exercise for Shoulders

To start the seated dumbbell press shoulder exercise, you have to first sit in a bench holding two dumbbells on each hand. Now keep your back and head straight and look at the front. Lift the two dumbbells to reach the level of your shoulders. Now lift them to the top of your head so that they are closer to each other. Hold that position for a while and now return to your original position. Repeat the exercise.
Push Press Shoulder Exercise

If you like heavy-duty workouts, you can try the Push Press exercise. This exercise is certainly not for novices and should never be tried if you are a beginner. Men usually start with a light-weight barbell with no weights attached to it. This warms up your body. Weights can be added gradually after you get accustomed to the exercise.
Start the exercise by standing on your feet kept apart. Now lift the barbell with both hands and rest it on your chest just below the neck. Now lower the hips. Bend the knees and with a full thrust lift the barbell over your head. Keep the barbell in that position for a few seconds. Now return back to the original position. Repeat the exercise.
If you are feeling too tired, sit back and do some breathing exercises. It will relax your body and you can repeat the exercise.
Standing Barbell Shrug Exercise

his is a good workout routine for your neck and shoulder muscles. Start this exercise by standing straight on your feet. Now, bend the knees and lift the barbell slowly. Bring it to the level of your waist. Now shrug or move your shoulders up and down for few seconds before you relax them. Keep your arms relaxed. This is only meant for your shoulders and neck. Now slowly bring the barbell down. Repeat the exercise.

Shoulder Exercises for Women

Shoulder exercises are a must for all women. Whether you are a sportsperson, a working mom, or a homemaker, shoulder exercises should be included in your daily fitness regime. They help to keep your body fit, reduces shoulder pains, tones up your shoulders, correct your posture, and make your body frame look more attractive.


Push-ups are very simple and can be done at home. They are good for your biceps, triceps, deltoids, and chest muscles.First, keep your body in a plank position with your palm facing the floor. Keep your body straight. Now bend the elbows and gently lower the body to reach the floor. Don’t touch the floor. Now bring back your body to the original position. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

 Pec Deck Butterfly

 The Pec Deck Butterfly is good for your front deltoids, triceps, and chest muscles.To start this exercise, you can either stand straight or sit in a low desk with your back straight. Now if you are doing this exercise with dumbbells keep your elbows slightly bent.

Now inhale and bring the dumbbells to the sides so that your chest muscles are brought forward. Now exhale bring the dumbbells close to each other so that they nearly touch and are parallel to each other. Your forearms will be at 90 degrees to your upper arms.

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