Valproic Acid Test

valproic acid test

Last Updated December 20th, 2021

What is valproic acid?

Valproic acid is a medicine which is used to treat migraine, convulsions, seizures, bipolar disorder, and many other mental or mood conditions.  Valproic acid treats these disorders by regulating the natural substances called neurotransmitters in our brain.

What does Valproic acid treat?

– Petit Mal Seizures
– Convulsive Seizures
– Migraines
– Mania associated with Bipolar Disorder
– Seizures with Irregular Muscle Contractions
– A type of seizure called tonic-clonic epilepsy
– Simple Partial Seizures
– Bipolar disorder

How prevalent are psychiatric and neurological disorders in India?

According to various reports, in India, more than 150 million people need medical assistance with their psychiatric and neurological disorders. Valproic acid test plays a significant role in the diagnosis of these disorders for further treatment.

What is the Valproic acid test?

Valproic acid is the test to determine the quantity of valproic acid in the body. It determines both the low and high(potentially toxic) concentration of Valproic acid present in the blood.

Why did my doctor recommend me to take a Valproic Acid Test?

People going through constant seizures, convulsions, epilepsy, bipolar disorder, brain tumor, and metabolic disorder are highly recommended to take the Valproic Acid Test. Infections like meningitis or encephalitis are also diagnosed by Valproic Acid Test.

When should I take a Valproic Test?

Valproic tests should be taken at regular intervals to check the levels of Valproic Acid in the body and to curb any kind of toxicity if diagnosed. And for the dearth of it, the required dosage of Valproic Acid is given by various medications. If you show these symptoms, then it is recommended to go for the Valproic Test:

– Nausea, dizziness, etc
– Stomach ache associated with vomiting
– Dementia
– Depression and anxiety
– Bloating or swelling of the face, arms, hands, lower legs, or feet
– Dysphoria
Abnormal vaginal bleeding.
– Psychosis
– Weight gain
– Hearing loss and impaired vision
– Heart burning sensation

What are the preparations needed for taking Valproic Acid Test?

No special preparation guidelines have to be followed before the test. Consult your doctor for further suggestions. He might ask you to stop certain medicines or drugs that you are taking for a while.

What is the procedure of the Valproic test?

– A tourniquet is wrapped around the upper part of the arm to make the veins prominent.

– A needle is injected by a well-trained lab technician to collect the blood sample.

– In the case of infants, blood will be collected from the heels from the feet.

– The blood sample is drawn in the injection tube.

– The collected blood sample is then sent to the lab for testing.

How will I feel during the test?

There is not much pain associated with this test but there can be a feeling of dizziness or lightheadedness as the blood is being collected.

What is the price of the test in India?

The prices of the Valproic Acid Test range from Rs 850 to 2000. This can change based on the diagnostic centers and the state or the city they are located in.

When will I get my reports on the test?

It will take 1-2 days for the results to be available.

How to understand the results of the valproic acid test?

If the reports show Valproic acid content is above 150 mg per kg of body, it is highly toxic and might lead to a plethora of respiratory, cardiac, renal, psychiatric, endocrine, dermatological, gastrointestinal, metabolic, musculoskeletal and ocular issues.

If the content of Valproic Acid is lower than required in the body, then the doctor recommends or prescribes the perfect dosage needed for the patient.

What are the risks of Valproic Acid test?

There is no pain associated with the test but there can be a few risks regarding the blood collection factor.

– Some people feel light-headed and dizzy after the blood is drawn.

– It might cause a hematoma

– There might be pain associated with too many punctures for finding a vein.

Can kids go through the Valproic acid test?

It’s completely safe for a kid to go through a valproic Acid Test if recommended by the doctor. Any kid going through epilepsy, constant convulsions, seizures, etc are given Valproic acid for treatment. Thus it is necessary for these kids to go through this test to keep a regular track of the fluctuations of Valproic Acid in the body. Doctors recommend this test to kids if any symptoms associated with Valproic Acid toxicity is noticed.

Can pregnant women go through the Valproic Acid Test?

Pregnant women can go through this test without any risk at all since it just involves the collection of blood.

Can taking Valproic Acid Test during pregnancy affect the fetus?

No. The fetus isn’t affected while taking Valproic Acid Test during pregnancy.

Is it important to go through the Valproic Acid Test during pregnancy?

It is not a mandatory test during pregnancy. If the woman is taking Valproic Acid dosage as her medications, it’s always recommended to go through the Valproic Test to monitor the levels of Valproic acid in the body. Valproic Acid toxicity can affect the fetus and can lead to various neurotransmitter disorders, cardiac disorders, cleft lips, etc

Should I stop my Valproic Acid dosage during pregnancy?

Like any other medication, the Valproic Acid dosage shouldn’t be stopped without consulting your doctor. Stopping your regular Valproic acid dosage might affect the fetus in some cases.

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