Anti Hepatitis-B-Surface Total Test

anti hepatitis B surface total

Last Updated December 20th, 2021

What is hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is an inflammatory condition of the liver caused by the Hepatitis B Virus. There are various kinds of Hepatitis virus. The Hepatitis-B virus attack on the liver causes various acute and chronic diseases. It can be too fatal to cause liver failure, cancer, etc.

Hepatitis B virus is transferred very easily by a needle stick injury, piercings, tattooing, etc. Transmission of the Hepatitis B virus also happens if a person comes in the exposure of infected blood or any other blood fluids like semen, saliva, etc. Hepatitis B virus can also affect children below 5 years old causing chronic Hepatitis B. There are various other ways of contracting Hepatitis B virus-like having sex with multiple persons, unprotected sex with a person who is a carrier of Hepatitis B virus.

What are antigens and antibodies?

As the hepatitis B virus enters the body, it starts producing harmful proteins called antigens. These antigens are destroyed by another group of proteins called antibodies which are produced by the immune system of our body.

What is Anti Hepatitis-B Surface Total?

Anti-Hepatitis B test detects whether you have acute or chronic Hepatitis by detecting the presence of an Anti-Hepatitis B antibody and the antigen. This test even helps in determining if there was any Hepatitis-B Virus infection, to begin with. Anti Hepatitis-B Surface Total includes three main tests :

Anti-Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Test-
Detects the presence of Hepatitis B antigen.
Anti-Hepatitis B Surface Antibody Test-
Diagnoses the Hepatitis B antibodies.
Anti-Hepatitis B core Antibody Test-
Identifies the presence of core antibody which determines if there was any previous infection associated with the Hepatitis B virus.

Why has my doctor asked me to undergo anti-hepatitis B Surface Total?

The Hepatitis B viral infection is associated with these specific signs and symptoms:

– Abdominal pain
Dark urine
– Fever
Joint pain
– Loss of appetite
– Nausea and vomiting
– Weakness and fatigue
– Yellowishness of your skin and the whites of your eyes (jaundice)

What are the complications related to chronic Hepatitis B?

There are various deadly complications that can be caused by hepatitis B (chronic)
– Cirrhosis or scarring of the liver
– Liver failure
– Liver cancer
– Kidney diseases
– Blood vessel problems

When should I take the Anti Hepatitis B Surface Total Test?

Hepatitis B viral infection is highly infectious so it is always recommended to take a test if the signs and the symptoms are similar to the formerly mentioned ones. The risk of contracting Hepatitis B viral infection is higher if you have more than one sexual partner, or are having sex with your male homosexual partner, sharing needles for intravenous drug usage, etc. Thus it is suggested to take an Anti-Hepatitis B Total Surface total test to find out if there is any Hepatitis B viral infection or any risk of it in the future.

What are the preparations needed for the test?

There are no preparations which are essential for this test but it is always suggested to consult your doctor. The doctor might recommend you to stop the intake of certain medications or drugs which you had been taking. It completely depends on your medical history as well as your current medical health conditions.

What is the procedure of the test?

– A tourniquet or an elastic band is wrapped around the upper arm.

– This makes the veins more prominent.

– A needle or syringe is injected to draw blood.

– The blood is collected in the tube of the syringe.

– The needle is pulled out and the tourniquet is removed.

– A cotton swab or bandage is put on the spot of the puncture of the vein to avoid any bleeding.

-This sample blood is then sent to the laboratory for testing.

Is anti-Hepatitis B surface Total test painful?

There is absolutely no pain involved in the test since it just involves the collection of blood samples from the patient. Though, there are a few risks related to this test like bleeding, bruising, infection and feeling lightheaded after the collection of the blood.

When will I get the results?

The results are available on the very next day of the test. This might vary with the diagnostic centers and the state or the city it is located in.

What is the cost of the anti-Hepatitis B surface Total test in India?

The cost of anti-Hepatitis B surface total in India lies in the range of Rs 700 to Rs 2000.

How to interpret my test result?

Surface Antigen Surface Antibody  Core Antibody Result
negative negative negativeThere’s no trace of any previous infections
negativepositive negative Infection is rehabilitated but the virus can be reactive in case of a suppressed immune system.
negative positive positive Infection is rehabilitated but the virus can be reactive in case of a suppressed immune system.
positive negativeboth Acute contagious infection is detected. This is often associated with various symptoms. This could be an initiation of chronic Hepatitis B virus infection too.
negative negative positive Acute infection is recovering gradually.
positive negative positive Chronic infection is detected.

What should I do after getting my results?

After receiving the reports, the doctor should be consulted along with the reports. A doctor can only suggest further measures to be adopted and can prescribe the medicines if needed. There can be further tests suggested by the doctor if the infection is chronic and serious.

What is the prevalence of Hepatitis B in India?

India, being the second-most affected country by Hepatitis B viral infection has nearly 4% of the population as the carrier of this virus. As per the recent reports, more than 40 million people in India are suffering from Hepatitis B viral infection. 2.5% – 4% of children below 5 years old, in India are affected with chronic Hepatitis B which leads to several deadly health issues in the following years. Chronic Hepatitis B can even lead to premature death.

Is it necessary to take an Anti-Hepatitis B Surface Total test during pregnancy?

Yes. Hepatitis B test is always recommended to a pregnant woman besides other blood tests. During the prenatal care, the hepatitis B virus detection is necessary to confirm no transfer of the virus from the mother to the baby.

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