Aphrodisiacs: These are the best foods to get you in the right mood


Last Updated December 20th, 2021

What is an aphrodisiac?

An aphrodisiac is a substance which is known to enhance the sexual desire of a person as well as aid in sexual performance.  There are several man-made drugs which are available in the market and are quite popular among people.  These manmade drugs may or may not work, but they definitely do give lots of side effects.

There are several natural alternatives present which seem to be effective as well as do not cause side effects.  Aphrodisiac substances are being used from ancient times in many parts of the world namely Egypt, Greece, India, China, etc.  The main concept is that natural foods which are known to increase the testosterone levels in men and progesterone levels in women are considered to be aphrodisiac.

What is the #1 aphrodisiac?

Oysters are considered to be one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs since it contains substances which aid in the formation of testosterone in men and progesterone in women.  The substances which are present in Oysters are D-aspartic acid, N-Methyl-D-aspartic, and zinc.  Oysters are also known to contain a substance called dopamine which is a neurotransmitter.  This neurotransmitter is known to increase the function of the brain and promote sexual desire in men and women.

There are several other aphrodisiacs which have been used since ancient times and includes Panax ginseng, nutmeg, ambrein, saffron, Bufo toad, Spanish fly, yohimbine, Tribulus Terrestris, horny goat weed, Muira puama, etc.

Aphrodisiacs for better health

Aphrodisiac foods are known to regulate testosterone and progesterone levels and due to this reason, there are several health benefits related to consuming aphrodisiac foods. These can be effective in the following cases:


Depression can be related to the low level of testosterone levels.  Studies have indicated that men suffering from depression usually have deficient testosterone levels.  Generally people suffering from depression show improvement in mood after undergoing testosterone treatments.  Since testosterone hormone is related to changes in mood and appetite, it can play a vital role in causing depression.  Studies have proved that people suffering from depression tend to show improvement when treated with high testosterone doses.

Decreases Body Fat

Body fat is the amount of fat that is accumulated in a person’s body.  Body fat is divided into two main categories namely essential body fat and storage body fat.  Essential body fat is considered to be very essential in managing daily activities as well as reproductive functions.  Testosterone hormone plays an important role in regulating insulin, glucose, and fat metabolism.

Our body’s ability to regulate insulin, glucose and fat metabolism decreases with low testosterone levels, which results in the accumulation of adipose tissue (fat).  This adipose tissue accumulation may further contribute to the decrease of testosterone levels because it converts testosterone into estrogen.  This is the reason why obese men usually have below than normal testosterone levels and higher estrogen levels.

Increases Muscle Mass

When there is increased muscle mass, it is also associated with the amount of muscle strength the person would have.  Testosterone hormone is known for its muscle protein synthesis.  Muscle protein synthesis is the process of building muscle mass.  Testosterone has the ability to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass in the body.  The benefit of this process is that people tend to feel stronger and have better stamina, which improves their daily life.  Lower body fat and higher muscle mass help bodybuilders to get in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Strengthens the Heart

The heart is an important organ which functions by pumping blood through the blood vessels of the circulatory system.  Blood provides the body with oxygen and nutrients, as well as assists in the removal of metabolic wastes.  Maintaining an optimal testosterone level is the key to a healthy heart.  An increase in testosterone level, as well as the decrease in testosterone level, can lead to serious health problems.  Testosterone hormone alone does not lead to any particular heart ailments, but in fact, a collection of health benefits related to optimal testosterone level can lead to a healthy heart.

Prevents Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a medical condition where the bone gradually loses its strength and density and leads to the breaking of the bone more often.  Osteoporosis not only affects women but can also affect men with low testosterone levels.  Testosterone hormone plays an important role in bone health.  Testosterone increases bone density by stimulating bone mineralization, as well as decreases bone re-absorption.  Osteoporosis is generally faced by elderly men due to the sub-optimal testosterone levels.  Testosterone tends to decrease with age and can lead to this condition.

Increases libido and improves erections

Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition where there is difficulty in achieving and maintaining an erection and to achieve climax.  Erectile dysfunction seems to be a common problem faced by many men due to several factors contributing to it.  Low testosterone level is one of the main causes of this dysfunction.

Since testosterone is a sex hormone, it is not surprising that low libido and erectile dysfunction are directly related to low testosterone levels.  Signs and symptoms of low libido and erectile dysfunctions can easily be identified and appropriate testosterone treatment usually helps to cure this condition.  Aphrodisiac foods play an important role in managing these types of medical conditions.

Improves cognitive ability

Cognitive abilities are the skills performed by a person with the help of brain function.  It may consist of the simplest of the task to the most complex task.  Cognition is related to how we learn different things, remember complex things, problem-solve, and pay attention.  Testosterone levels are very much related to the overall cognitive ability, particularly in older age.  Because of these correlations, many researchers claim that testosterone plays a role in preventing brain tissue decay in elderly men.  This can be explained when people suffer from memory loss, trouble concentrating, and fogginess due to low testosterone levels.

Increases competitiveness

Testosterone is linked to a person’s desire for power and status.  Research has shown that testosterone level can be linked to a person’s ability to compete.  People who experienced a severe drop in testosterone after a loss in the competition are likely not able to get back to the competitive spirit which they had experienced before the competition.  Due to these reasons, testosterone is very essential to increase the competitive spirit in a person.

Top aphrodisiac foods


Ginseng has been used naturally as well as the powdered form and is quite popular as a tea.  Ginseng has been very popular known to increase the sexual desire of a person by increasing the testosterone levels in men and increasing progesterone levels in women.  It is consumed by adding the root to boiling water and preparing a tea which is then cooled for a couple of minutes and later consumed.


Saffron is an ancient spice which is known for its coloring and flavor.  Saffron has been used since ancient times due to its numerous benefits.  It is widely used in many culinary dishes as well as added to milk and consumed due to their numerous health benefits.  Saffron is also considered to be an aphrodisiac which is known to treat several sexual dysfunctions.  Saffron is very beneficial in treating depression as indicated in one of the experiments conducted on women.  Due to these reasons, saffron is considered as one of the better aphrodisiac food.


Maca is a root vegetable which is usually used in South America.  Maca is very popular these days due to its ability to increase libido in men and women.  Studies have indicated that Maca is helpful in regulating hormones in men and women, which in turn helps improve the sexual desire in men and women.  Studies have also indicated that Maca is also very effective in treating erectile dysfunction in men.  Maca is helpful in regulating the hormonal imbalance in women and help treat symptoms of PMS and menopause.  PMS and menopause are considered to be the two risk factors affecting the libido in women.  Due to all these reasons, Maca is considered to be a very good aphrodisiac.


Chocolates are the most loved food that anybody likes from small children to older people.  Chocolates are very popular for their numerous benefits as well as their use in a wide range of cooking and baking dishes.  Studies have indicated that chocolates are known to promote the secretion of serotonin in the brain which is a mood stabilizer.  Serotonin is very effective in soothing the brain and providing a calming effect.  Studies have indicated that dark chocolate, in particular, is very effective in promoting sexual desire in a person as well as has numerous other health benefits.  Due to this reason chocolate is considered to be a popular aphrodisiac food which is well known all over the world.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is a plant which is known for its numerous health benefits.  It was first cultivated and used in China and the Chinese have used the extract of Ginkgo biloba to treat numerous health conditions.  It is also known to improve the sexual desire in people by improving the serotonin levels.  Serotonin is well known for its mood stabilizing properties.  Due to the calming and soothing effect provided by the serotonin, the brain becomes more active and fresh, which is the reason why there is an increased desire for sexual desire.  Due to these reasons, Ginkgo biloba can be considered as a good aphrodisiac food.

Pistachio nuts

Pistachio nuts are very nutritious and contain high amounts of protein and fiber.  Pistachio nuts are also known to reduce the blood pressure which indirectly helps to reduce the risk factors for heart disease.  Pistachio nuts are known to improve the blood flow and hence is very effective in treating medical conditions such as erectile dysfunction.  Due to these reasons, pistachio nuts are considered to be an aphrodisiac food.


Fenugreek seeds and leaves are widely used in various forms due to their numerous health benefits.  Fenugreek is a very popular ingredient used in ayurvedic medicine due to its anti-inflammatory effects as well as used to increase libido.  Fenugreek is known to promote the production of sex hormones which are testosterone and estrogen.  Due to the increase in testosterone and estrogen, there is increased sexual desire.  Due to all these reasons, Fenugreek is considered to be a powerful aphrodisiac food.


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