Yogrishi Sai

Virtual (Zoom)



18 years

Languages Spoken

English, Hindi, Sanskrit

Trial Yoga Class



Virtual (Zoom)


English, Hindi, Sanskrit


Msc., 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTTC)


18 years


Yoga for Strength, Flexibility and Balance


Classical Yoga in the tradition of Krishnamacharya School of Yoga

About the Teacher

Yogrishi Sai is a world renowned yoga therapist and teacher belonging to the lineage of Sri Krinamacharya. With decades of self practice and teaching experience. Sai’s therapeutic healing courses have helped 1000’s of his students get relief from ailments and attain optimum health and fitness. Sai has excellent mastery over yogic texts and strives to live and teach the core principles and values for spiritual well being.


• MSc in Yoga Therapy
• 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTTC) from Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM)


• Vinyasa Yoga Instructor: Yoga for the Soul Studio, New York, NY
• Flow and Vinyasa Yoga Instructor: VinYoga Studio, New York, NY


A typical one hour session will include classical and modified Asanas to build strength, flexibility and Balance; Pranayama for calming the mind and balancing energy; and Meditation for improving emotional and overall health. Asana practice will start with simple postures, building towards a goal posture such as forward bend, back bend, lateral bend, twists, inversion etc and conclude with relaxing postures. Pranayama and Meditation will include breath control techniques for efficient breathing and simple concentration techniques.

What You Can Expect

• Feeling like you’re outside your comfort zone
• Learn to communicate more effectively
• Meeting like-minded people


How we are different

Why Us

  • Learn yoga with the philosophy behind it
  • Limited practitioners for individual attention
  • Spiritual growth and fulfilment on your journey

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