Health Conditions

Diabetes foot


Overview of diabetes Old age is associated with numerous pathological complications and diseases that disrupt the normal functioning of the body. Most of these diseases are apparently chronic and can …

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Cardiac Arrest

Overview The beating of the heart muscles is controlled by a series of electrical impulses. A healthy heart has a clear, regular beating rhythm. It contracts and relaxes alternately in …

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stroke causes


What is a stroke? Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disorders are major threats to healthy living. These conditions are more prevalent at old age.The most severe cardiovascular disorder that is affecting the …

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arthritis patient


Overview of arthritis Every other person we daily come across is affected by some or the other form of ailment, which may vary from temporary to a more chronic type.But …

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asthma in children


Overview of asthma  Globally, asthma is prevalent in more than 200 million people. This has directly impacted the health and economy of India in the last few years. More than …

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dengue mosquito

Dengue Fever

Overview of dengue fever Pathogenic diseases are common in those parts of the world that are infested with the disease-causing microbes. In some places, these diseases lead to epidemic outbreaks.A …

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substance abuse youngsters

Substance Abuse

Overview of substance abuse The youth of the present generation are the easy targets of different forms of addictions. A large section of the youth population in a country is …

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Chickenpox blisters

Chicken Pox

Overview Infections mediated by virus or bacteria are usually contagious in nature. Despite appropriate vaccinations and occurrence of the same disease in the past, patients of all age groups and …

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Ear infections pain

Ear Infections

Overview of ear infections The ear is the most important sense organ which plays a direct role in “sound perception” and an indirect role in maintaining body balance. During his …

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Hepatitis pain


Overview of hepatitis Viral infections are extremely common in tropical and temperate regions of the world that have ideal climatic conditions for the propagation of these pathogens. Environmental factors, hygiene …

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